Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Year 6: Unit 2 Part 2

Grade 6 Unit 2 Part 2
Goal: Be able to ask and Answer “When is your Birthday?” “It’s in _____”

Start with just the months
            Go through once or twice
Whisper Waves
            Make 3 Lines
                        The first person in each line looks at a card. They whisper to the person behind them. When the last person in line hears the word the run to the front of the class and touch the word on the board. If they are right their team gets 5 points.
            Many rounds should be played
            The team with the most points wins

Students should then remember the phrases
            When is your birthday?
                        It’s in ______

Students play the Mr. Fox Game
Students all line up against 1 wall
One person is the fox
All the students ask
            When is your birthday?
                        The fox says It’s in ______.
                        The students then take the number of steps associated with the month
                                    So for May they take 5 steps
                                    For February they take 2 steps
                        After a while when the students ask
                                    When is your birthday?
                        The fox will say.
                        The fox will then chase the students and try catch as many as they can
                                    The students that are caught are the new foxes
Red Rover
            Students should get into two lines
            The goal is to make your group the biggest
            Students from one line ask all together
                        “When is your birthday?”
            The students from the other line must say “it’s in ______”
                        Any student with a birthday in that month must run over to the other side. They are now on the new team. The same month cannot be said twice in a row.

TPR Months
            When the students hear the name of a month they must clap the number associated with it
            So if they hear May they must clap 5 times.
            If they here January they clap 1 time

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