Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Year 6 Unit 4 Part 3

Year 6 Unit 4 Part 3
Goal Directions

Learn About Point Cards
              You can get points by volunteering, winning a challenge, or for good behavior
              Which ever group at the end of the day has the best behavior gets a stamp on their card
              Once your card has 10 points you can get a present from Katie

Learn the Names of important places in town
              Hospital, Police Station, Grocery Store, School, Train Station….

Learn how to give and receive directions
              Where’s the ______
              Turn left, Go straight…..

Have the students practice the directions as a class by giving directions on the board, put the flash cards on the board, and then have students give directions by telling your chalk where to go.

Turn Left, Turn Right, Turn Around
We will now learn
Go Straight
We will practice the directions by playing the same game as last week.


Year 6 Unit 4 Part 2

Year 6
Unit 4 Part 2

Part one
Remember Left and Right Add Turn around
Do the same game as last week
If I say Left they must turn left 90’ if I say Turn right they must turn right 90’ If I say turn around they must turn 180’

Room Names
I have pictures off different school room names We will learn them for a game
Teacher’s Room
English Classroom
Entry Way
Principal’s Office

Scavenger hunt
I will break the class into 6 Teams.
Using the names of the different rooms, the students must do a Scavenger hunt
I will give each of the different groups a worksheet that they must fill out.
To complete the worksheet they must quietly go around the school and find the secret letters I have put on the walls and doors of the rooms.
Once they find the secret room they must write down the secret letter in the box, once they have all the letters they must turn it in.
Everyone must be back before the end of class even if they do not finish their sheets.

Year 5 Unit 6 Part 4

Grade 5
Unit 6 part 4
Goal What do you want?
Students will need markers/crayons/colored pencils for coloring in Halloween pictures.

Halloween is on October 31st, We will be learning new material, and preparing for Halloween during the month of October.

Practice the Phrases
              What do you want?
                            I want ______.

We will practice the phrase What’s this? While learning the names of different things found on Halloween, Words they will learn are:

Play the zombie game with the Halloween vocabulary. The student who is the best zombie(acts like a brainless zombie) gets a stamp.
              We will use the phrases
                            What do you want?
                                          I want a _______

We will now make some Halloween decorations
Students will come up and pick the coloring page they want.
I will ask them What do you want?
They must respond in English by saying I want a ______. Once the student has their paper they must color it in, the pictures will be hung around the classroom as decoration for the Halloween party.


内容:What do you want? 何がほしいですか?


練習:What do you want?
      I want ___________ .

以下の新しい単語を学びながら、What’s this? を練習する。
Jack-o-lantern カボチャ
Witch  魔女
Vampire 吸血鬼
Zombie ゾンビ
Bat コウモリ
Skelton ガイコツ

ハロウィンの単語を使ってゾンビゲームをする。一番ゾンビになりきれた生徒がスタンプをもらえる。What do you want? I want _______. を使う。
ALTがWhat do you want?と聞くので、I want _____.と答え、選んだ紙に色を塗る。

Year 5 Unit 6 Part 3

Year 5
Unit 6 Part 3
Goal: Alphabet, What do you want?

We will sing the Bingo Song again, This time we will learn more of the words.
There was a farmer, had a dog
Bingo was his name
B I N G O, B I N G O, B I N G O
Bingo was his name

Go through the alphabet. For the difficult letters we will practice listening. I will have students face the direction of the letter they think I say, We will practice all the difficult letters like this.

We will learn the Phrases
What do you want?
I want ____
We will go through the alphabet and have them say I want ____(ß letter)

Go Fish
Each group will be given a deck of cards. Each student will get 5 cards.
The player 1 will pick another player and point at them (Player 2). Player 2 will ask What do you want?  The first player will say I want ____ ( ß Letter) if the other player has the card they will give the first player the card, if the other player does not have the card they will say Go Fish, and the first player has to draw a card from the pile.
If a student has 3 of the same letter in their hand they put the cards back into the pile and shuffle it.
The first person to have 0 cards in their hand is the winner.

Unit 6 Part 3
ねらい: Alphabet, What do you want?

There was a farmer, had a dog
Bingo was his name
B I N G O, B I N G O, B I N G O
Bingo was his name


What do you want?
I want ____
もう一度アルファベットを練習した後、I want ____(ß文字)を言う練習をします。

Go Fish(ババ抜きのようなゲーム)
最初のプレイヤーは(Player 1)、他のプレイヤーを1人指名します。(Player 2)
Player 2 What do you want?と質問します。Player 1は、 I want ____ ( ßアルファベット). と欲しいカードを言います。もしPlayer 2 がそのカードを持っていれば、Player 1に渡します。もし持っていなければ、Player 2 は「Go Fish!」と言いいPlayer 1は真ん中の山からカードを1枚引かなければなりません。