Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Year 6: Unit 1 Part 2

Grade 6
Unit 1 Part 2
Goal Alphabet, and Do you have

Warm up
My name is Katie
My name is _____
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.

Review Do you have ___? /Yes I do.
Use the 5 animal cards from last week

Alphabet Song
Sing the Alphabet song

Quiz the students on lowercase; see how much lower case the students know using flashcards.

Put the cards in the middle of a group, Students must pick up the cards I say.

Students use lowercase letters to fill out the bingo cards. I will say the letter. Letters that are the same big and small will be eliminated (c k o p s v w x z)

Students stand in lines. At the front of 1 line there will be a stack of uppercase letters. At the back of the line there will be lowercase letters, the student at the front of the line picks up a card, and whispers the letter to the person behind them, the letter is whispered down the line, the last person in the line must pick up the corresponding letter at the back, and bring it to the front of the line, the cards are then matched. The team that has the most pairs wins.

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