Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Year 5: Unit 3 Part 3

Grade 5
Unit 3 Part 3

Warm up
How are you?
            I’m good, thank you. And you?
I’m good

Review: Rock Scissors Paper (Janken)

Introduce noun flash cards
Then to # apples
            # Bananas
            # cats
            # dogs

Add Phrase
            How many ____ do you have?
                        I have # ____
Review until the students are comfortable.

Game (The kids love this game, they come and play it during recess)
Students will each be given 5 cards the cards will each have 4 items (apple, banana, cat, dog) Next to each item is a number.
The students should only look at one card at a time.
Students must go around the room and do Rock scissors paper
            The winner of Janken asks
                        How many ____ do you have
            The loser says
                        I have #____
The student with the higher number of ____ gets the card being played.

Janken winners card               Janken Losers card
3 Banana                                 7 Banana
9 Apple                                    2 Apple
6 dog                                        6 Dog
1 Cat                                         8 Cats
Because apple has a high number the winner should ask
            How many apples do you have?
                        I have 2 apples
            The janken winner has 9 apples so they get the janken losers card with only 2 apples on it
If the Janken winner asked
            How many cats do you have?
                        I have 8 cats
            The janken loser has more cats so they would get the janken winners card with 1 cat on it.

Students caught speaking English will have to forfeit a card to me (Katie)

The student with the most cards at the end wins!

At the end of the game students should be able to answer
            How many cards do you have?
                        I have # Cards

Cards for game:

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