Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Year 5: Unit 3 Part 1

Grade 5
Unit 3 Part 1
Goal Numbers 1-10

Review Unit 2
Dialog with students
How are you?
I’m good, thank you. And you?
I’m good.

Hello song

Gesture review
Review the emotion gestures
              Good                     Tired                   
Sad                       Sick                     
Happy                  Hungry               
              Try to do it without the flash cards after going through the words once.

Introduce the numbers 1-10 (20 if they already know 1-10)
Use flashcards and make sure they know the numbers.
Show how to count to 10 on your fingers.
Also show tallying system.

Clap the numbers
I will say a number, they must clap that many.

1. Call out the number with the target set and have the students form groups based on that number. After they have formed their groups have them sit down.
2. If a group can’t form the right size group, they must say the size of their group.
              I will ask “How many do you have?” they say the number

1.      指定した数字から数字を呼び出して、生徒達にその数字によって組を作って座ってもらう。
2.      ….

Review what we have learned
Numbers 1-10

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