Friday, June 22, 2012

Grade 5 Unit 5 Part 2

Grade 5
Unit 5 Part 2
Goal: What do you like? What color do you like?

Warm up.
Self Introductions
              Have students say
              Hello my name is ______
              I like _____
              I don’t like _____

Review Color names
              Learn Phrases
                            What color do you like?
                            I like_____?
Cake game
              Play cake game with the colors we learned

Snowman Game
              Students should go around and practice asking
              What do you like?
                            I like _____ What do you like?
              I like ____.
              When they are done with the dialog they should shake hands.
              Students must think of something new each time.
Snowman game.
Everyone gets one card. If your card has a happy face, you are a person. If your card has a snow flake on it, you are a freezer. And have a dialog with everyone; you must alternate between introducing yourself to a boy, and then a girl. The freezer will sometimes when shaking hands tap the hands of the classmates. But the freezer can’t be seen otherwise they’ll be caught. The freezers win if they can freeze all the students before they get caught. Any one can win by introducing themselves to everyone in the class. The students win by catching the freezer.

Year 5 Unit 5 Part 3

Year 5
Unit 5 Part 3
Goal: What color do you like? What animal do you like?

Warm up:
Self introductions have many students do a self introduction
              Hello my name is _____
              I like _____
              I don’t like _____

Go through color flash cards
              Review the color flash cards by saying
                            I like _____
              Remember What color do you like?

Remember some names of animals

Learn how to add adjectives before nouns
              I like adjective noun
              I like red dogs

I like funny animals bingo
Students will each be given a bingo card, in 1 column there are colors, in one column there are animals.
Each student will be given 1 die, either a  animal die or a color die
Students must join together and each roll 1 die
They will get a color and an animal
              Example Green + Giraffes
              They must say I like green giraffes
They check off green giraffe on their bingo cards, and then find a new partner.
The first student to get 6 in a row is the winner,
The student with the most checks is also a winner

Year 6 Unit 3 Part 3

Grade 6
Unit 3 Part 3
Goal: Can I help you? And Can you____?

Can I help you?
              Learn the phrases
                            Can I help you?
                                          Yes, Please
                                          No, Thank you

Build a train
              While the music is going Students must walk around, when the music stops they have to find the nearest person and do Rock, Scissors, Paper. The loser asks Can I help you? The winner says Yes Please. The loser then grabs on to the shoulders of the winner, and joins their train. The trains now go around while the music is playing, when the music stops the leaders of the trains must match up and do Rock, Scissors, Paper, the winner loser train asks, Can I help you? The Winner train says Yes please and the loser train joins onto the winner train.
The game continues until the entire class has made one big train.

Using the vocabulary we have learned in Unit 3 we will play charades.
The students will divide into 3 teams.
One student will act out one of the cards, the students on that persons team must try to guess what that person is acting out. To guess the student must raise their hand and ask Can you _____?
              If the student is right they say
              Yes, I can
              If the student is wrong they say
              No, I can’t
Students will get points for their teams if the guess correctly. If the team shouts out the answer, or speaks in Japanese they get -1 point.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Year 5 Unit 5 Part 1

Year 5
Unit 5 Part 1
Goal: What do you like?

We will review the vocabulary we learned in Unit 4 to learn the phrase What do you like?

After the students are confident having a simple dialog of.
              What do you like?
                            I like _______
I will give out the work sheets.
              Students should be encouraged to be honest and keep their answers a secret.
              Students must circle the things they like, and x the ones they don’t like
              Students will only be allowed 5 minutes.

Who’s who?
We will begin to read the cards of students.
              I will go through and say things the student likes and dislikes. If a student is the same then they remain standing, if they are different they sit down. We will keep going until the mystery student is revealed.

Year 6 Unit 3 Part 2

Unit 3 Part 2
Goal: I can ____. I can’t _____. You can _____. You can’t _____. Can I ____? Can you ____? Yes I can. No I can’t

Warm up.
Hokey Pokey.
              Fun song in English.
              Silly Dance.
              Reviews Body parts.

Review Birthdays
              Have students tell me their birthdays
Review flash cards from last week
              Remember I can____ I can play ____
              Then add in question Can you _____? Can you play ____?
              Have the students ask me what I can and can’t do.
              After the student understand we will learn
              Can I _____? And No you can’t Yes you can.

Who am I?
Students will each be given a card, they are not allowed to look at it. They must place the card on their forehead so that everyone else can see it. The goal is to figure out what you can do.
They must go around and ask
              Can I ____?
The student they ask must respond with
              Yes you can.
              No, you can’t.
Once a student figures out what they can do they must sit at their desk.
Once most of the students figure out what the can do We will go around and see what their guesses are.

Year 6 Unit 3 Part 1

Grade 6
Unit 3 Part 1

Warm up
We will have students review
              When is your Birthday?
              Student volunteers should demonstrate their knowledge.

Introduce vocabulary
              Start with just the vocabulary flash cards, Work up to I can ______
              Make sure students understand when to say play, and when to skip it.
              I can play soccer.               I can dance
              I can play baseball.           I can swim.
              I can play piano                I can sing
                            “can” must be followed by a verb
                            So for dance, swim, sing, run…. They should not say play first
                            For games (soccer, baseball, volleyball, …) and instruments (Piano, clarinet, violin…) they must say play first because games and instruments are nouns.


  • 単語のフラッシュカード
  1. 単語のフラッシュカードで言葉を練習してから、HRTと一緒にゲームのやり方を示す。
  2. 3つまたは4つの種類の言葉のフラッシュカードを黒板に貼り、児童に10秒以内でフラッシュカードのどれか好きな言葉を選ばせる。
  3. ゲームの目的は児童がゾンビのように教室を歩き回って、ジャンケンをする相手を探し、勝負をする。
    • A: "I can swim.
    • B: "I  can cook."     *ジャンケン* (B が勝つ)
    • A: "I can cook too."   ジャンケンに負けた児童は勝った児童と同じフレーズを繰り返して 「too」をつける。
  4. ジャンケンに負けた児童に勝った児童が"かまれた"ということになる。そして、負けた児童の単語は、勝った児童の単語と同じものに変わって、他のゾンビに伝染する。
    • A: "I can cook."
    • C: "I can swim."    *ジャンケン* (A が勝つ)
    • C: "I can cook too."
  5. 二人は同じことを言った場合は、ジャンケンをしない。
    • B: "I can swim."
    • C: "I can swim too."
  6. ゲームの終わりに、同じ言葉に伝染したゾンビが何人いるかを数える。

Brief Outline: Students become zombies to practice  “I can _____” and “I can _____ too”

Materials Needed:
  • Vocabulary flashcards

Detailed Explanation:
  1. After practicing some vocabulary, demonstrate the game with the teacher.
  2. Put 3-4 of the vocabulary flashcards on the board and give students 10 seconds to decide on their favorite one.
  3. The point of the game is for students to walk around like zombies, find a partner and have a janken battle.
    • A: "I can swim."
    • B: "I can cook."         *Janken* (B wins)
    • A: "I can cook too."      Students will need to add "too" at the end of the sentence.
  4. The janken loser has been `bitten` by the winner. The loser`s favorite vocabulary becomes the same as the winner`s and they try to infect other zombies.
    • A: "I can cook."
    • C: "I can swim."            *Janken* (A wins)
    • C: "I can cook too."      Students will need to add "too" at the end of the sentence.
  5. If both zombies like the same thing they don`t play janken.
 Zombie game from Englipedia