Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Year 5: Unit 4 Part 2

Year 5
Unit 4 Part 2
Goal: I like _____/ I don’t like _____

Warm up
            How many _____ do you have?
                        Count Body Parts
                        10 fingers, 2 thumbs, 1 head….
            The emphasis of today’s vocabulary will be sports and hobbies
            Go through just the words once
            Go through and say
                        I like ______
            Go through and say
                        I don’t like _______
            Have the students say with gestures whether the like or don’t like something

Students will be devided inot 2 teams. Once volunteer from each team will come up and act out the words given.  Their team tries to guess which word it is. The team gets 1 point if they get it right. “I like answer” They get 0 points if they say just the vocabulary word. They get -1 point if they speak in Japanese.

Beating around the bush
Each student will be given a card they must not look at it. They will place the card on their forehead and go speak to other students. Students will go up to eachother and say “I don’t like _____ ß (not the word on the other persons forehead)” The students must try to guess what word is on their own forehead. They can only guess once. To guess they must come up to me and say. I like _______ ß(Guess)
The first person to guess is the winner.

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