Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Year 5: Introductions Continued

Hello class. It’s nice to see you again. Let’s get started.

Repeat Skit
K: Hello!
T: Hello!
K: My name is Katie.
T: My name is ____
K: It’s nice to meet you. (Shake Hands)
T: It’s nice to meet you too.

Have students practice. Each student must introduce themselves to 3 other students.

Hot Potato.
There are 2 balls. Everyone stand in a circle. The balls are passed around in different directions. I’ll start and stop the music. If the music stops while you are holding a ball, you must do and introduction to the other person holding the ball.

Snowman game.
Everyone gets one card. If your card has a happy face, you are a person. If your card has a snow flake on it, you are a freezer. Everyone must go around and introduce themselves to everyone; you must alternate between introducing yourself to a boy, and then a girl. The freezer will sometimes when shaking hands tickle the hands of the classmates. But the freezer can’t be seen otherwise they’ll be caught. The freezers win if they can freeze all the students before they get caught. Any one can win by introducing themselves to everyone in the class. The students win by catching the freezer.
This game can be played a few times.

Cool down.
Have students come up and demonstrate with the teacher.

Good byes.

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