Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Year 6 Unit 5 Part 2

Year 6 Unit 5 part 2

Today we will learn to say Hello in many different languages.

Review country names.

Learn to say Hello

Students will each get 6 cards, They will have different countries on them.
The goal is to get one card from each country
Students will find someone and do rock scissors paper. The winner will say hello in the language they want. If the loser has that country they get the card with that country on it.

Fly swatter game
We will make 3 teams.
I will either say a country name (Russia, France, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, America)
Or I will say hello in a language (Strastuvuiche, bonjour, oi, konichiwa, hola, hello)
The student at the front of the line will have to listen to what I say. The first person to touch the card of the country I say is the winner and gets a point for their team.

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