Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Year 6 Chapter 1-3 Review

Year 6
Review Chapters 1-3
Review alphabet
I will write the lower case alphabet on the board the students should say the letter with me.

Part 1
Alphabet Bingo
I will leave the alphabet on the board
Students must put their names on the top of the papers.
Students will listen to the letters Katie says, when they hear a letter they must write the lower case letter in the box. If they get 4 in a row they say Bingo, when many people have bingo we will finish the game.
Students will turn in their Bingo cards to be graded.

Review the months of the year.
Part 2
Birthday Karuta
Students will listen to Katie, When she says a month the students must try to snatch the card before the other students. The students with the most cards are the winners.

Part 3
Team Karuta
Teams will make the dates using the numbers and words that Katie says
Example- November 19th= 11, 19
If a team gets it right they get 1 point

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