Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Year 5 Unit 6 Part 1

Grade 5 5
Unit 6 Part 1
Self Introduction 自己紹介
Katie’s summer ケイティの夏休み
              Do slideshow of summer activities, 夏の活動のスライドショー
                            Students should learn words 単語を学ぶ
Tubing, River, Barbeque, Wedding 川遊び・バーベキュー・結婚式など
              Have student volunteers do self introductions
 (We will try to have as many students as possible go, I hope that every student volunteers) できるだけたくさんの生徒にさせる
                            Example: 例
                                          Hello, My name is ____
                                          I like _____

Alphabet アルフェベット
              I will bring in large alphabet cards, we will review the letters, (We will spend extra time on letters that are difficult for students to say B,V,F,R,L,G,Z)

Card Snatch カードスナッチ
I will divide the class into 6 teams.
Each team will be given a set of cards to spread right side up on the floor.
I will call out a letter, students must find the letter and grab it, (there will be 3 of each letter per group) I will continue calling letters until there are none left.
At the end of the game students will count how many cards they have, the student with the most cards is the winner for each group.
If there is time we will play again, all the champions will be in the same group, and all the other groups will change so that there are 6 even groups.


End of class 終わり
              Will now learn the Phrase フレーズを学ぶ
                            Have a nice day.
              This phrase is very important in English, and will now be used instead of See You at the end of a class. この言葉は外国では大変大切なので、今後、’See you’ のかわりに言います。

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