Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Year 6 Unit 5 Part 1

Year 6
Lesson 5 Part 1
Lets go to Italy- Where is ______

Katie has lived in 6 countries (America, Japan, Finland, Russia, Mexico, Brazil)
Katie speaks 3 languages (English, Spanish, Russian) and knows a little bit of French, Japanese, Portuguese and German.
My hobby is to learn languages.

Today students will learn the names of different countries in English. (Russia, Mexico, Japan, America, Brazil, France) Students should learn to recognize the flag.

We will use the flash cards to learn the names of the countries.
Then we will learn
Where is _______ (Where is George?)
              In _______

Play Cake game

Play Kitty in the corner
I will put 6 pictures around the classroom, students must run to the country of their choice. Everyone must ask “Where is George?”
I will draw a country out of the hat and say
              “In ________”

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