Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Grade 5 Unit 7 Part 3

Grade 5
Unit 7 Part 3
What’s this?

We will review sports vocabulary.
              We will practice asking and answering
                            What’s this?
                                          It’s Soccer

Once the students are confident we will play a game
Each student will start with 5 cards
Students will do Janken with each other
The winner will ask “What’s this?” while doing a gesture
The other student must guess the Gesture
The student that lost janken must give the winner a card, each student must then find a new person
The student with the most cards at the end is the winner.

I will choose 4 students, the 4 students must come up to the front of the class. All the other students must close their eyes
I will show the 4 students the secret card.
I will count backwards from 10, When I say stop they must put down their pens.
I will ask all the students in the class, “What’s this?”
              The students must try to guess what the picture is.

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