Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Year 6 Unit 4 Part 1

Year 6 Unit 4 Part 1

Part 1 Left and Right
I will teach them the words left and right.

Simple game
All the students must stand up, if I say left, they must turn left 90’ if I say right they must turn right 90’ if a student makes a mistake, they have to sit down and they will be out. After about half the students are out I will try to trick them by turning the wrong direction.
We will repeat the game until students are confident with the words left and right.

Room names
We will go through the images of the room names, and learn the names of the rooms
Teachers room
Principal’s office
Home Ec.
Science Lab

We will use these to do a scavenger

Scavenger Hunt
Students will each be given a work sheet, they must do the sheet in the order I gave them ( Teams)
To complete the work sheet they must quietly go around the school, and find the secret letters that I have put on the doors to the rooms. They must write down the secret letter in the box, once they have all the letters they must come back to the classroom and turn it in. Everyone must be back before the end of class, irregardless if they Finished it or not.
Once the students have completed the work sheet they will hand it in. They can then get a stamp if they have done it correctly, and written their name in English.

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