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Year 6 Unit 3 Part 1

Grade 6
Unit 3 Part 1

Warm up
We will have students review
              When is your Birthday?
              Student volunteers should demonstrate their knowledge.

Introduce vocabulary
              Start with just the vocabulary flash cards, Work up to I can ______
              Make sure students understand when to say play, and when to skip it.
              I can play soccer.               I can dance
              I can play baseball.           I can swim.
              I can play piano                I can sing
                            “can” must be followed by a verb
                            So for dance, swim, sing, run…. They should not say play first
                            For games (soccer, baseball, volleyball, …) and instruments (Piano, clarinet, violin…) they must say play first because games and instruments are nouns.


  • 単語のフラッシュカード
  1. 単語のフラッシュカードで言葉を練習してから、HRTと一緒にゲームのやり方を示す。
  2. 3つまたは4つの種類の言葉のフラッシュカードを黒板に貼り、児童に10秒以内でフラッシュカードのどれか好きな言葉を選ばせる。
  3. ゲームの目的は児童がゾンビのように教室を歩き回って、ジャンケンをする相手を探し、勝負をする。
    • A: "I can swim.
    • B: "I  can cook."     *ジャンケン* (B が勝つ)
    • A: "I can cook too."   ジャンケンに負けた児童は勝った児童と同じフレーズを繰り返して 「too」をつける。
  4. ジャンケンに負けた児童に勝った児童が"かまれた"ということになる。そして、負けた児童の単語は、勝った児童の単語と同じものに変わって、他のゾンビに伝染する。
    • A: "I can cook."
    • C: "I can swim."    *ジャンケン* (A が勝つ)
    • C: "I can cook too."
  5. 二人は同じことを言った場合は、ジャンケンをしない。
    • B: "I can swim."
    • C: "I can swim too."
  6. ゲームの終わりに、同じ言葉に伝染したゾンビが何人いるかを数える。

Brief Outline: Students become zombies to practice  “I can _____” and “I can _____ too”

Materials Needed:
  • Vocabulary flashcards

Detailed Explanation:
  1. After practicing some vocabulary, demonstrate the game with the teacher.
  2. Put 3-4 of the vocabulary flashcards on the board and give students 10 seconds to decide on their favorite one.
  3. The point of the game is for students to walk around like zombies, find a partner and have a janken battle.
    • A: "I can swim."
    • B: "I can cook."         *Janken* (B wins)
    • A: "I can cook too."      Students will need to add "too" at the end of the sentence.
  4. The janken loser has been `bitten` by the winner. The loser`s favorite vocabulary becomes the same as the winner`s and they try to infect other zombies.
    • A: "I can cook."
    • C: "I can swim."            *Janken* (A wins)
    • C: "I can cook too."      Students will need to add "too" at the end of the sentence.
  5. If both zombies like the same thing they don`t play janken.
 Zombie game from Englipedia

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