Friday, June 22, 2012

Grade 5 Unit 5 Part 2

Grade 5
Unit 5 Part 2
Goal: What do you like? What color do you like?

Warm up.
Self Introductions
              Have students say
              Hello my name is ______
              I like _____
              I don’t like _____

Review Color names
              Learn Phrases
                            What color do you like?
                            I like_____?
Cake game
              Play cake game with the colors we learned

Snowman Game
              Students should go around and practice asking
              What do you like?
                            I like _____ What do you like?
              I like ____.
              When they are done with the dialog they should shake hands.
              Students must think of something new each time.
Snowman game.
Everyone gets one card. If your card has a happy face, you are a person. If your card has a snow flake on it, you are a freezer. And have a dialog with everyone; you must alternate between introducing yourself to a boy, and then a girl. The freezer will sometimes when shaking hands tap the hands of the classmates. But the freezer can’t be seen otherwise they’ll be caught. The freezers win if they can freeze all the students before they get caught. Any one can win by introducing themselves to everyone in the class. The students win by catching the freezer.

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