Friday, June 22, 2012

Year 5 Unit 5 Part 3

Year 5
Unit 5 Part 3
Goal: What color do you like? What animal do you like?

Warm up:
Self introductions have many students do a self introduction
              Hello my name is _____
              I like _____
              I don’t like _____

Go through color flash cards
              Review the color flash cards by saying
                            I like _____
              Remember What color do you like?

Remember some names of animals

Learn how to add adjectives before nouns
              I like adjective noun
              I like red dogs

I like funny animals bingo
Students will each be given a bingo card, in 1 column there are colors, in one column there are animals.
Each student will be given 1 die, either a  animal die or a color die
Students must join together and each roll 1 die
They will get a color and an animal
              Example Green + Giraffes
              They must say I like green giraffes
They check off green giraffe on their bingo cards, and then find a new partner.
The first student to get 6 in a row is the winner,
The student with the most checks is also a winner

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