Friday, June 22, 2012

Year 6 Unit 3 Part 3

Grade 6
Unit 3 Part 3
Goal: Can I help you? And Can you____?

Can I help you?
              Learn the phrases
                            Can I help you?
                                          Yes, Please
                                          No, Thank you

Build a train
              While the music is going Students must walk around, when the music stops they have to find the nearest person and do Rock, Scissors, Paper. The loser asks Can I help you? The winner says Yes Please. The loser then grabs on to the shoulders of the winner, and joins their train. The trains now go around while the music is playing, when the music stops the leaders of the trains must match up and do Rock, Scissors, Paper, the winner loser train asks, Can I help you? The Winner train says Yes please and the loser train joins onto the winner train.
The game continues until the entire class has made one big train.

Using the vocabulary we have learned in Unit 3 we will play charades.
The students will divide into 3 teams.
One student will act out one of the cards, the students on that persons team must try to guess what that person is acting out. To guess the student must raise their hand and ask Can you _____?
              If the student is right they say
              Yes, I can
              If the student is wrong they say
              No, I can’t
Students will get points for their teams if the guess correctly. If the team shouts out the answer, or speaks in Japanese they get -1 point.

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