Thursday, June 14, 2012

Year 5 Unit 5 Part 1

Year 5
Unit 5 Part 1
Goal: What do you like?

We will review the vocabulary we learned in Unit 4 to learn the phrase What do you like?

After the students are confident having a simple dialog of.
              What do you like?
                            I like _______
I will give out the work sheets.
              Students should be encouraged to be honest and keep their answers a secret.
              Students must circle the things they like, and x the ones they don’t like
              Students will only be allowed 5 minutes.

Who’s who?
We will begin to read the cards of students.
              I will go through and say things the student likes and dislikes. If a student is the same then they remain standing, if they are different they sit down. We will keep going until the mystery student is revealed.

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