Thursday, July 12, 2012

Year 5 Summer Games (review)

Year 5
Summer games/review

Kitty in the Corner (Reviews: What do you like?  I don’t like _____”)
I will put a flash card in each corner of the room. The students must choose which corner they want to go to. Once all the students are in their chosen corners, I will draw a card out of a hat. The students must all ask together “What do you like?” I will say “I don’t like _____”. All the students in the corner I have chosen must sit down, they are out. Students must change corners, I will then draw another card, and the students in that corner will be out. The game will continue until there is a champion.

Art Critic (Reviews: vocabulary)
5 students will be chosen to be judges, they will go to the back of the class, they must face the back wall. They are not allowed to know who the artists are.
3 artists will be chosen, their identity must remain a secret. They will each be given space on the chalkboard to draw. I will tell them what to draw, and then start the timer, they only get 10 seconds to draw. When the time is up all the artists must go sit back down, the judges will then be given 10 seconds to choose their favorite drawing. When they have chosen, They will say “I like #”. The student of the chosen picture is the winner, they get to wear the winner hat, and choose 4 people to be the judge with them (2 girls 2 boys). Many rounds can be played.

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