Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Good Bye Games

Good Bye Party Games

Play Kitty in the corner
I will put 4 flash cards in corners of the room. I will have small copies of the flash cards in a hat. Each student in the class needs to go to a corner of the class. I will pick a card and say “I can’t _____” all the students in that corner must sit down. All the students must now go to a new corner. (They cannot stay in the corner they were in)
I will pick a new card and say “I can’t _____”
When there are 4 or less students left the students cannot go to the corner with another student in it. The game will continue until there is only 1 champion. They get the champion hat, and will be the next card reader.
(Students must move quickly in this game, if they move too slowly from corner to corner, they will be out)

. Call out the number with the target set and have the students form groups based on that number. After they have formed their groups have them sit down.

Janken Tournament

Zombie game
概要:児童はゾンビになって "I like ___.""I like ___ too"  "I don`t like ___の使い方を話し練習します。

  • 単語のフラッシュカード
  1. 単語のフラッシュカードで言葉を練習してから、HRTと一緒にゲームのやり方を示す。
  2. 3つまたは4つの種類の言葉のフラッシュカードを黒板に貼り、児童に10秒以内でフラッシュカードのどれか好きな言葉を選ばせる。
  3. ゲームの目的は児童がゾンビのように教室を歩き回って、ジャンケンをする相手を探し、勝負をする。
    • A: "I like soccer.
    • B: "I like baseball."     *ジャンケン* (B が勝つ)
    • A: "I like baseball too."   ジャンケンに負けた児童は勝った児童と同じフレーズを繰り返して 「too」をつける。
  4. ジャンケンに負けた児童に勝った児童が"かまれた"ということになる。そして、負けた児童の単語は、勝った児童の単語と同じものに変わって、他のゾンビに伝染する。
    • A: "I like baseball."
    • C: "I like tennis."    *ジャンケン* (A が勝つ)
    • C: "I like baseball too."
  5. 二人は同じことを言った場合は、ジャンケンをしない。
    • B: "I like baseball."
    • C: "I like baseball too."
  6. ゲームの終わりに、同じ言葉に伝染したゾンビが何人いるかを数える。

Art Critic (Reviews: vocabulary)
3 students will be chosen to be judges, they will go to the back of the class, they must face the back wall. They are not allowed to know who the artists are.
3 artists will be chosen, their identity must remain a secret. They will each be given space on the chalkboard to draw. I will tell them what to draw, and then start the timer, they only get 10 seconds to draw. When the time is up all the artists must go sit back down, the judges will then be given 10 seconds to choose their favorite drawing. When they have chosen, They will say “I like #”. The student of the chosen picture is the winner, they get to wear the winner hat, and choose 4 people to be the judge with them. Many rounds can be played.

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