Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Year 5 Unit 9 Part 2

Students should Cut out and bring the flashcards from pages 53 and 54.

What would you like?

May I please have _____

Sample dialog.
Waiter: Hello, What would you like?
Customer: May I please have the spaghetti.
Waiter: Yes

When the waiter gives the customer the food they want
Waiter: Here you are.
Customer: Thank you.
Waiter: You’re welcome.

We will practice the dialog by having half the class be the waiters, and half the class be the customer.

Cake game:
Students must guess my secret card.
I will put 6 cards on the board, and then roll a secret die. Two teams will take turn trying guess which card it is by practicing saying.
              Team 1 (all together): What would you like?
              Team 2 (all together): May I please have _____ ßGuess
If Team 2 gets it right, they move up towards the cake, if they get it wrong it is now team 1’s turn to guess.

Make Believe:
Get into groups of 4 one person will be the waiter, the other three will be the customers. Students will practice doing the dialog. Student will use the menu on Pages 38 and 39 to decide on food, the waiters will give them the cut out food when they order.

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