Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Year 6 Unit 8 Part 2

Goal: I want to be a ….
Students need Colored pencils, glue and scissors.

Today we will start making posters about ourselves, This will help us review what we have learned, I want each of the students to be able to talk about themselves.

Part 1
Review: I want to be a ______
              Use the flashcards from last week to review the I want to be _________

Part 2
Self posters
The students have learned a lot, it is now time for each of them to Practice talking about themselves
Each student will make a poster, While they are making a poster, I will make sure I understand what they want to be (Job)
At the end of Chapter 8 each of the students will show their posters to the class and say
My name is ____
I can _____
I like _____
I don’t like _____
I want to be a _________

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