Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Year 5 Unit 9 Part 1

Year 5 Unit 9 Part 1

Students should Cut out and bring the flashcards from pages 53 and 54.
Part 1
What would you like?
We will learn how to order in a restaurant today.
Students should get out the flash cards from page
We will practice the naming the food in on the cards.

Sample dialog.
Waiter: Hello, What would you like?
Customer: May I please have the spaghetti.
Waiter: Yes

When the waiter gives the customer the food they want
Customer: Thank you.
Waiter: You’re welcome.

We will practice the dialog by having half the class be the waiters, and half the class be the customer.

We will get into groups of 4, one team member will pretend to be the waiter, and the others will pretend to be customers. Each student should take a turn being the waiter.

Part 2
Review What would you like…
Review On ____ I study______

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