Thursday, July 12, 2012

Year 5- Review Game!

Year 5
Review Game

I made huge dice (about a foot on each edge)

Tornado game
The goal is to build as many houses as possible tornados will blow your house away, and your team will have to start over ( a house is a pentagon, and each correct answer gets 1 side of the pentagon).
I will have a dice with 5 topics (Introductions, Emotions, Numbers, Foods, Sports) and one side with a tornado on it.
One member of their team will come up and roll the die if they roll, foods, or sports, I will show them a card from that topic, and they must form a sentence (example: I like Baseball or Do you like football?), They will have 30 seconds to talk to their team, and then they must say the sentence aloud.
If they roll a die and it lands on an emotion, I will ask How are you?, then show them a flashcard, They must say I’m _____(ß Emotion on flashcard).
If they roll numbers, I will say a number out loud, and they must write the number on the board . If they roll introductions, they must say Hello, My name is _____ I like_____
If they roll a tornado I will ask them a question, (Do you like soccer? How many fingers do you have? What is your name?) They have 30 seconds to talk to their team and answer the question. If their team gets it right they get to send the tornado to another team, and blow down their house. If the first team gets it wrong, the tornado will blow down their house and they will have to start over.
After a team gets 1 full house, that house takes two blows from a tornado to get knocked down.

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