Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Year 6 Unit 4 Part 3

Year 6 Unit 4 Part 3
Goal Directions

Learn About Point Cards
              You can get points by volunteering, winning a challenge, or for good behavior
              Which ever group at the end of the day has the best behavior gets a stamp on their card
              Once your card has 10 points you can get a present from Katie

Learn the Names of important places in town
              Hospital, Police Station, Grocery Store, School, Train Station….

Learn how to give and receive directions
              Where’s the ______
              Turn left, Go straight…..

Have the students practice the directions as a class by giving directions on the board, put the flash cards on the board, and then have students give directions by telling your chalk where to go.

Turn Left, Turn Right, Turn Around
We will now learn
Go Straight
We will practice the directions by playing the same game as last week.


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