Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Year 6 Unit 4 Part 2

Year 6
Unit 4 Part 2

Part one
Remember Left and Right Add Turn around
Do the same game as last week
If I say Left they must turn left 90’ if I say Turn right they must turn right 90’ If I say turn around they must turn 180’

Room Names
I have pictures off different school room names We will learn them for a game
Teacher’s Room
English Classroom
Entry Way
Principal’s Office

Scavenger hunt
I will break the class into 6 Teams.
Using the names of the different rooms, the students must do a Scavenger hunt
I will give each of the different groups a worksheet that they must fill out.
To complete the worksheet they must quietly go around the school and find the secret letters I have put on the walls and doors of the rooms.
Once they find the secret room they must write down the secret letter in the box, once they have all the letters they must turn it in.
Everyone must be back before the end of class even if they do not finish their sheets.

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