Sunday, August 26, 2012

Year 6 Unit 4 Part 1

Year 6 Unit 4 Part 1
Goal: Left, Right, Go Straight
No Pencils, No Books

Review Alphabet
Review the alphabet, Make sure the students remember their letters

Play Card Snatch game
I will divide the class into 6 teams.
Each team will be given a set of cards to spread right side up on the floor.
I will call out a letter, students must find the letter and grab it, (there will be 3 of each letter per group) I will continue calling letters until there are none left.
At the end of the game students will count how many cards they have, the student with the most cards is the winner for each group.

Teach the Students
Turn Left, Turn Right, Go Straight

Marching Game
All the students will stand in a grid, They must listen to the directions I give.
If I say “Go straight” they must go 1 step forward (but they must stay in line or they will kicked out). If I say “turn left”, they must turn their body to the left (but not move from their spot). If I say “turn right”, they must turn their body to the right (but not move from their spot).
If the students here me say “Lines”, they must form straight lines, which I will inspect.

Teach students Have a nice day
This phrase is very important in English, and will now be used instead of See You at the end of a class.

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