Sunday, August 26, 2012

Year 5 Unit 6 Part 2

Grade 5
Unit 6 Part 2
Goal: Alphabet
Students will need Pencils

Warm up:
Remember the Hello Song
              Sing the Hello song
Remember the emotions-Have students do gestures.

Use flash cards to review the Alphabet.
Remember the difficult letters B,V,F,R,L,G,Z,J

Which sound is it game
I will have 2 letters, one is on the left side of the board, one is on the right side of the board. Students must run to the side of the classroom with the letter I say.
R on the right side of the room, L on the left side of the room.
If I say L, any student on the left side of the room is correct.

I will pass out Bingo cards, each card will have 16 letters on it, I will call out a letter, if the student has that letter on their paper they will cross it out. When a student gets 4 in a row, they call out “bingo”. If a student gets all of their tiles filled in they are the winner, and can get a special prize.

Remind students to say “Have a nice day” when they leave.

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